Teeth WhiteningTeeth can often be whitened by the several new techniques of “bleaching” available today. One of the common methods used is the “in-office” method where a strong bleaching agent is placed over the isolated teeth and a special light is used to activate the bleaching material that will lighten the teeth. This method is generally more controlled and probably better for people who have tetracycline stains or streaks on their teeth. The “home” techniques involve making custom trays which fit into the mouth and these are then filled with bleaching materials. When worn for a few hours a day, noticeable results are seen generally within a few days to a couple weeks. Results vary from individual to individual and it is probably best to check with your dentist to help decide which method works best for you. Some of the factors involved include the intensity of the stains, whether or not you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth as well as what may have caused the stains.

Over time, your teeth may darken as minerals penetrate the outer enamel layer. This can be caused by foods or beverages that stain (e.g., coffee, colas, tea, red wine or berries), tobacco products, and the natural aging process. We provide tooth whitening treatment using the latest light technology to bring you a consistent, whiter smile.

We can prescribe a home teeth whitening system that will safely lighten these stains, giving you a whiter, brighter smile! A specially formulated tooth whitening gel, and personalized tooth whitening trays that fit tightly over your teeth can be highly effective, yet safe. Typically, you’ll begin to see results in two to three days.

For those who desire faster results we can apply professional teeth whitening gel which will whiten your teeth 6-8 shades in about 60-90 minutes.

When the process is complete, your smile will be noticeably whiter and brighter!

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