extractionA tooth extraction is recommended for patients whose teeth are severly damaged by dental caries and bacteria, teeth that cannot be saved by other dental treatments.

It is a dental professional’s job to save teeth from damage. Nevertheless, in some circumstances a tooth gets so much damage due to decay or periodontal disease that it cannot be saved. In these cases, tooth extraction is advised by dentists.

At Bayside Dental, our dentists recommend tooth extractions when restorative dental treatments are not sufficient to save a patient’s tooth. Extractions are sometimes necessary if you:

– Have severe tooth decay
– Have serious gum (periodontal) disease that can affect oral hard and soft tissues if left untreated
– Have impacted wisdom teeth
– Are undergoing an orthodontic procedure that requires removal of a tooth

Safety And Comfort

Bayside Dental offers extractions as potential treatment to help patients deal with dental problems. Post operative information are consistently deliberate prior to tooth extraction and all queries are answered. Alongside with guidance of safe and effective anesthetics and sedatives, our dentists aim to provide a virtually painless extraction experience to every patient.

After Care

Diligent care of a recent extraction site is necessary to ensure proper healing. Constantly observe and comply with the instructions provided by your dentist to refrain infection or other complications. Administer a cold compress on the cheek near the extraction site can comfort to reduce any potential swelling. Stay away from smoking, drinking through straws and forceful brushing or gargling after the extraction to allow the site to heal quickly.

At Bayside Dental, we maintain high value care to our patients. As it is our duty to help save teeth, we offer different treatment options to extraction whenever possible. Our dental team will educate you about the procedure and response to any questions so that you have peace of mind before the start of the procedure. As ever, we complete the tooth extractions in a orderly and hygienic environment to ensure patient safety.